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UAE Car Luxury Car Hire welcomes you to Dubai, the pulsing heart of the Middle East. This is the capital of the leading Emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A global city with a cosmopolitan soul, rooted in its ancient culture and heritage, we annually welcome visitors from every corner of the world. We have excellent facilities. We offer a standard of living which is difficult to match anywhere. We at UAE Luxury Car Rental can fulfil all your motoring requirements on your visit.

From USD 955, AED 3500, GBP 750

Rolls Royce Ghost

From USD 1430, AED 5250, GBP 1125

Rolls Royce Dawn

From USD 1363, AED 5000, GBP 1062

Rolls Royce Drophead

From USD 1363, AED 5000, GBP 1062

Rolls Royce Phantom

From USD 955, AED 3500, GBP 750

Rolls Royce Ghost

From USD 1090, AED 4000, GBP 860

Rolls Royce Wraith

From USD 409, AED 1500, GBP 319

Mercedes G63

From USD 425, AED 1550, GBP 335

Range Rover Sports


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Business Trip Or Vacation?

Whether you’ve come on a business trip or vacation, we understand your motoring needs. We realise your need for premium hospitality and discreet comfort. Our ancient land is beautiful, but we fully realise that the climate may be one to which you are completely unaccustomed. However, in this regard, our company, UAE Luxury Car Hire can assist with your motoring needs. For our honoured guests, comfortable, efficient transport is imperative. Luxury cars with full air-conditioning are an absolute necessity for your transport, as you travel around.

Transport – The Next Most Important Decision After Accommodation

During your visit, besides accommodation, your most important decision will be regarding your transport. Among your choices in Dubai luxury car hire, UAE Luxury Car Hire stands tall. A premium car rental Dubai company, we are here to serve you for all your needs regarding transport and Dubai luxury car hire. Sports car hire Dubai is our business. We have every kind of vehicle you may require available with us.

UAE Luxury Car Hire

Having the pleasant comfort of an air-conditioned, luxury car helps you to beat the heat and optimises the enjoyment of your stay. For all your transport needs in the Emirate, you're welcome to contact our company. We can supply all your needs for hired vehicles. Whether you need a luxury car to arrive at a ready to attend a meeting, or whether you require the heady thrill of a sports vehicle, you'll find UAE Luxury Car Hire at your service.

Range of Vehicles

UAE Luxury Car Hire has a fleet of luxury vehicles, featuring the very latest models in an excellent state of maintenance. Our professional and helpful staff is always ready to serve you. Whether you require a car to go sightseeing, or a vehicle for a special occasion like a wedding, you'll find that our company has exactly the right model to fulfil your needs.

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